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  • /ˈʋɪŋ.kjə.ləm/


vinculum (plural vinculums or vincula)
  1. A horizontal line used to separate the numerator from the denominator in a fraction, or over the top of part of a calculation and serving the same purpose as parentheses (ie, indicating that this part of the calculation is to be done before other parts).

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  1. bond, fetter, chain; any instrument whereby anything is bound or tied up.


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A vinculum (pl. vincula) is a bond or tie, specifically:
  • Vinculum (symbol), a mathematical symbol used for grouping. The line between the numerator and the denominator of a common fraction.
  • Vinculum (mapping), a symbol indicating that two land parcels are owned by one person. The symbol is shown spanning the common boundary, or across a road between the lots.
  • Vinculum (ligament), a ligament that limits movement
  • Vinculum (Star Trek), The heart of a Borg ship
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Vinculum- a bar or line segment that divides a numerator( the top number of a fraction) and a denomerator( the bottom number of a fraction)
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